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CEO September Message

01 September 2020

This was going to be our 75th Annual Meeting; after 75 years our members are still working together to keep the cooperative strong for future generations. Thank you for being such great members and thank you for continuing to lead HCE in the right direction. After all, it is because of you that HCE exists.

There are seven principles that cooperatives follow in our business model. Concern for Community is the one that has been at the forefront for all of us at Hill County Electric (HCE) during the pandemic and these uncertain times.

In late March, HCE made the decision to close our office to the public for the safety of you the members and our employees. We had hoped to be able to open our lobby again in July; however, due to the increasing number of COVID cases in our service area and the fact that we don’t feel it is appropriate for us to decide who does and does not have to wear a mask, we are keeping our lobby closed. Payments can be made at Independence Bank, through SmartHub, Quick Pay on our website.

Pay By Phone, E-Check or Auto pay as well as the drop box at the Havre office. Our staff is here to answer any questions and help with your account.

As you know the HCE Board of Trustees decided to hold a special meeting by mail, as allowed in our bylaws. Last month’s Rural Montana magazine contained the year-end reports and financials that would have been presented at the annual meeting. Districts 2 and 3 were up for election this year. All HCE members were mailed ballots to vote for Trustees to represent those districts.

Trevor Standing Rock from District 2 ran unopposed; however, both Districts were open to write in ballots. We congratulate Trevor on being elected as the new District 2 Trustee.

In District 3, we had Leslie Smith and Jared Dees running for the trustee seat vacated by the unfortunate loss of Stu Smith. Congratulations also to Leslie on her elected Trustee position for District 3.

Congratulations to our new Trustees! We hope next year we will be able to again meet in person for our 76th Annual Meeting!