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Corporate Sponsorships

HCE has established an Event Sponsorship budget annually to support events for community and non-profit organizations with donations and/or prizes. In addition, if your organization is a Federal 501(c) tax exempt non-profit, you may request matching funds provided by HCE's power supplier, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, in addition to your HCE donation request.

School Sponsorships

HCE offers high schools in our service area the opportunity to receive an annual $500 school sponsorship for funds, products or services. Schools are also given a banner to display. 

Emergency Service Organizations

HCE trustees, management and employees are part of the communities we serve. Living and working here makes our commitment to our communities even more important to the whole HCE family.  Realizing the importance of keeping our communities safe, HCE allows its employees to donate time to volunteer on EMS and Volunteer Fire Departments while on the job. HCE also appreciates the time that members spend helping us. And thus, in return, we are happy to assist them whenever possible. We are a part of the communities we live in!

Sponsorship or Donation Request Form