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Luck of the Draw Scholarship

Hill County Electric Cooperative is committed to education.  As part of this commitment, the Cooperative offers scholarship opportunities to its members and member dependents.  Each year, our Trustees are continually impressed with the quality of applications and the impressive records of the students who apply for our scholarships, Hill County Electric Cooperative invites all its members and member dependents enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college this fall to attend HCE’s annual meeting and enter to win one of four “luck of the draw” scholarships.  Two $500 scholarships, one $300 scholarship and one $200 scholarship will be drawn from all the eligible entries.  To participate, you must be a cooperative member or dependent of an HCE cooperative member with an active account.  If you are a dependent of a member, you must be present and accompanied by your parent or guardian at the annual meeting and you must use this HCE entry form.  Eligible students not winning a “luck of the draw” scholarship at the annual meeting will be awarded a $100 scholarship just for attending! HCE Luck of the Draw Scholarships will be paid to winners AFTER the successful completion of fall or first semester of school. Request Payment Here. 

By submitting this form you agree that the information provided is correct and true and permission is granted to HCE to use your information and your photograph for publicity purposes. If awarded the scholarship, upon completion of your fall semester, you need to have maintained a 2.0 cumulative GPA to receive the scholarship.