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CEO February Message - 2024

26 January 2024

2024 Nominations for Board of Trustee

It is time for members to consider running for the Hill County Electric Board of Trustees. District 4 and District 5 are the open districts this year. Nominee requirements to run:

  • Petition with district number and name of nominee
  • Collect 15 current members' printed name, address, and signature on petition
  • Nominee must live within the district in which they are running
  • To sign the petition, a member does not have to live in same district as nominee
  • Submit signed petition to the cooperative no later than March 27, 2024

After petition is submitted, it will be reviewed for accuracy and if it passes the low threshold of 15 valid signatures. The name of the nominee will appear on the mail-in ballot, as well as at the annual meeting for those who do not mail their ballot for the election of the Board of Trustees.

If you still have questions as to which district the nominee lives in, you can call us at 406-394-7804 and someone will help you with the district information. If you have any questions about our bylaws, please click here. 

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